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Mills College has been a center of musical creativity and innovation for the past century. Audiences have attended concerts given by composers and performers who have led the evolution of 20th- and 21st-century music. Today, Mills faculty, students, and visiting artists come together to define the cutting edge of music across genres from electronic music to classical performance to jazz improvisation.

At the heart of the aesthetic and educational mission of music at Mills is a tradition of experimentalism. Breaking free from preconceived notions about music, Mills composers and performers embrace new sounds and musical forms while pursuing creative, exploratory, and individual approaches to music. Our practice of making music and sound art across barriers of genre and cultural identity has made Mills College the San Francisco Bay Area's destination for sonic pioneers.

The Mills College Music Department occupies a unique place in musical history. Learn more

Academic Programs
Mills offers undergraduate and graduate programs in music that encourage students to find their unique musical voice during the process of experiencing, performing, creating, collaborating, and learning about music.

Center for Contemporary Music
The College's Center for Contemporary Music (CCM), with its roots in the historic San Francisco Tape Music Center, is world-renowned for its innovative work in electroacoustic and computer music, performance art, recording media, and sound synthesis.

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