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Ensemnle InverspaceFounded in 2011 in Basel, Switzerland, the members of Ensemble Inverspace are dedicated to contemporary and experimental music, preferably by working in close collaboration with composers. During its recent years of existence, the ensemble’s focus has shifted to the possibilities of creative work processes in the context of electronic music and new sound technologies. In 2013, audio designer Robert Torche joined Inverspace  on a concert tour to Russia to participate in a new version of Vinko Globokar’s “Corresponances“ for 4 instruments of different instrument families where the electronic music took over one part as chamber music partner. From this project, the desire has grown to include electronic music and technology as a “human“ chamber music partner with the same attributes, musical responsibilities and spontaneity like other instrumentalists. Today, the Ensemble consists of the five musicians Maruta Staravoitava (flute), Clemens Hund-Goeschel (piano), Max Riefer (percussion), Patrick Stadler (saxophone), and Robert Torche (live-electronics).


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