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Saturday, April 2, 2016 8:00 pm Littlefield Concert Hall


A festival of electronic music and media by five graduating music seniors with multi-channel electronic music, video, dance, and an installation.

Works By:
Denise Dunne
Suyá Nascimento
Liz Nadolny
Eva Steward
Breana Tavaglione


Eva StewardEva  Steward

Music as Therapy
Eva Steward: composer, vocalist, spoken word
Brynn Ogilvie, Bhumi Patel, Marion Reader: dancers

Program Notes:
Music as Therapy is a composition created to explore the relationship between the mind, the body, and music. This piece is a way to bring understanding to the reality of mental illness and the stigma that surrounds it. It was written for all who struggle.

Denise DunneDenise Dunne

My Journey through the Chakra’s…Remembering who I am
Denise Dunne: voice, electric guitar, computer. video
Aurora Josephson: voice
Honor Lacin: violin
Adam Adhiyatma: clarinet
Gina Bonati: dancer
(thanks to Tammy Duplantis, pianist on Chakra 4)

Program notes:
My Journey through the Chakra’s…Remembering who I am
The chakras stem from the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, going back thousands of years. They are the invisible centers of energy found in everyone, and these centers receive, transform, and distribute the universal life force throughout the body. There are seven chakras: they align with the spine, starting with the base of the spine, moving through to the crown of the head. Each charka correlates with the notes of the musical scale.

First Chakra, C: base of the spine, stability, security, insecurity, and our basic needs.
Second Chakra, D: sexual center and creativity. 
Third Chakra ,E: solar plexus, source of personal power, breaking through the limitations.
Fourth Chakra, F: the heart center, connection between matter and spirit. “Love Heals”
Fifth Chakra, G: located in the area of the throat, communication.
Sixth Chakra, A : “third eye” located in between the eyebrows, to see beyond our limits.
Seventh Chakra, B: The crown of the head, “thousand petal lotus,” our higher selves.

Enjoy the journey. Music is the pulse of the universe.

Breana TavaglioneBreana  Tavaglione

In Loco Moveri
Breana Tavaglione: autoharp, vocals, home videos, field recordings

Program notes:
In Loco Moveri
This piece is a coming-of-age story relating the romantic notion of a distant train heard in the night to the isolation of traveling through adolescence. Breana dedicates this piece to her family and to Molly Holm for helping her find her voice.

Little Red Riding Hood
This installation investigates how linear narratives can be re-imagined via installed and looped recordings hidden within the leaves along the Leona Creek and Lisser Theatre pathway. The redwood trees and trickling stream provide a context for the form of the fairytale to flourish; the natural environment and the installed sounds combine to demonstrate coming-of-age archetypal motifs challenging gender, whilst finding a place for feminism within European fairy tales. It explores the relationship between oral tradition and sound environment and it allows viewers and listeners to experience a sonic coming of age journey at their own pace.

Installation: Breana Tavaglione: Little Red Riding Hood
Friday, April 1 and Saturday April 2, 7:30 pm-11:00 pm
Leona Creek and Lisser Theatre pathway

Liz NadolnyLiz  Nadolny

The Westmonsters
Liz Nadolny: computer, seven-channel diffusion

Program notes:
“All-Nighters are all the rage among procrastinating college students. This piece embodies the haze of the all-nighter experience as a student at Mills College by blending the prepared piano styles of Julie Moon with nutritional electro-beats.
The Westmonsters
Experience life as a student at the Christian liberal arts college that is Westmont. “Westmonsters” (aka students of Westmont) are required to attend chapel services three times a week in order to maintain enrollment.

This piece is a reflection upon the two years Liz attended Westmont College prior to transferring to Mills. The Westmonsters features chapel recordings of Liz’s orchestra conductor Michael Shasberger, the campus pastor Ben Patterson, as well as the vocal styles of Mills student Larri Mariola.

You’ll find heaven in #227.
Legend has it that, not long ago, there was a woman who grew so notorious for her sonic greed that she became known as the “Grinch of the Airwaves.” 

Outraged by her inability to share, the founding fa-/mo-thers of electronic music stripped her of her syllables and enshrined her within this trap song. Unbeknownst to the creators, their lampoon gave rise to a whole new form of music; and they were forever subjected to her fragmented immortal shill.

Prepare to have the silence stolen from you.

Suyá NascimentoSuyá Nascimento


Suyá Nascimento: voice, electric guitar, computer, video
Mackenzie Pierson: lighting

Program notes:
From the brazilian portuguese language, saudades is an untranslatable reality. An emotional state of nostalgic or profound longing for an absent something or someone. Once described as “ the love that remains,” after someone is gone, saudade is the recollection of feelings, experiences, places or events that once brought excitement, pleasure, which now triggers the senses and makes one live again. A pleasure you suffer, an ailment you enjoy.

A contagious rhythmical deallocation through instrumentalized efforts in confrontation with the old and the new. Fluctuation of melodies lost in time, like an ethereal heartbeat that has grieved and yet healed. This is the formation of a surreal landscape seen through the eyes of reality.

I hear a light, it is coming from within
She is climbing down my neurons whispering words I can’t fully understand
Sighs and whistles, a cry to sacrifice
Sanctified, a crowned lone soldier
She deciphers the means of my name, and sounds a calling
an echoed long whisper, vibrating the lowest frequencies against the walls of my skull
triggering my molecules to not succumb to the forbidden dance of defeat.
As a bell in the distance announces something is supposed to be
supposedly a happening within the victimized intruder in me
I’ll allow.
She, the bright, me the servant
Her face appears from within the black air
the first sight I’ve encountered since a day I can no longer recall
She is bright alright, a sight to bring tears to my dilated pupils
Resembles me in every aspect of decay and ambition
fully covered in thoroughly tanned layers of my skin
Her eyes singing amidst the cheek bones on each side of Her slightly crafted nose
singing a hymn, the only thing She knew and possessed that I did not
Something about awakening, some things about growth.
aS roots neatly tied with strength around my ankles
revealing the damp live Earth beneath the soles of my feet.
Bright as light, bright Light.
singing the song of me, as I am She and She is the mirror.
I am locked in a mirror room.
I am locked in this room.
I am.

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