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Saturday, October 17, 2015 8:00 pm Littlefield Concert Hall


BARRE PHILLIPS-JACQUES DEMIERRE-URS LEIMGRUBER TRIO The trio of Jacques Demierre (piano), Fred Frith (electric guitar), and Urs Leimbruger (saxophone) share a evening of improvised music with Dapplegray (Nava Dunkelman, percussion; Tara Sreekrishnan, piano; Jeanie-Aprille Tang, electronics).

Unfortunately, for medical reasons Barre Phillips is not able to come to Mills College to play the concert on October 17. We have prepared, with his help and agreement, a video montage of several film clips devoted to him. We would like to present this video to the audience as a first set of about 30 minutes. As a second set, we will be joined by the guitarist Fred Frith to perform trio improvisations.

Thank you for your understanding.

—Urs Leimgruber and Jacques Demierre


dap-ple-gray (d p l-gr )
adj. gray with an ill-defined mottling of a darker shade

Tara Sreekrishnan [piano]
Nava Dunkelman [percussion]
Jeanie-Aprille Tang [electroacoustic]

Dapplegray is Tara Sreekrishnan, Nava Dunkelman, and Jeanie Aprille Tang, an electroacoustic trio based in the Bay Area, focused in structured and free improvisation as well as film scoring. The three met in the Music Improvisation Ensemble at Mills College in 2011, studying under Rachel Condry and Fred Frith. They have collaborated with Pauchi Sasaki, Fred Frith, John Zorn, and William Winant among others. Their work has been featured in a wide variety of settings including independent film, music festivals, and performances across the Bay Area. Dapplegray explores the conversion of polar opposite sounds, unfolding stories, dreams, impressions, and delusions. They focus on the urgency of silence and chaos overcoming one another and create a musical space that shifts between dreaming and waking life.


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Jacques Demierre
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Nava Dunkelman
Jeanie-Aprille Tang

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